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Trial Period Disclaimer

1. Our company is the world’s first entirely online platform for buying, selling and renting property. 2. The platform does not use the services of any real estate agent, which can save you up to 4%-7% of the asking price. 3. From listing homes, searching homes, sending offers, signing contracts and delivering houses, our website uses a standard contract for the protection of both parties. Besides, we also offer a new trading method called SFT (Try Before You Buy). For more information on SFT, visit our blog. 4. Our platform provides a trial period between July 20, 2018 to October 30, 2018. Users can take part in the simulated sale(s), purchase or rental of properties. All transactions made within the trial period are a simulation. There are no legal ramifications. 5. We encourage users to leave any comments or suggestions. Ebuyhouse will provide financial compensation for users offering useful feedback. 6. If you have any suggestions as to what can be improved, feel free to send our team an email at: Ebuyhouse Inc.