Ebuyhouse Terms of Use

1.All users must read this disclaimer.

2.Our innovative platform is designed for buying, selling and renting properties.

3.Our company is not involved in any transaction occurring on our platform, other than providing the platform itself. Our company is not legally responsible for the transactions occurring on our site.

4.Our customer service is only available to assist customers with technical issues and the proper usage of the site. Should the user have any questions or concerns regarding transactions occurring on our site, they must contact a licensed professional.

5.The user can utilize our standard contract, related documents and data, but our company assumes no responsibility for transactions occurring on our site.

6.If any errors or disagreements occur as a result of using our platform, Ebuyhouse will not intervene on behalf of the customer, nor is it financially or legally responsible to reconcile the disagreement.

7.The company strives to make the user experience as simple and safe as possible. Should any errors related to the functionality of the platform arise, the company will work to correct it. However, the company is neither financially nor legally liable for damages arising out of use of the platform.

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