Buy a Satisfactory House in a Safer Way

time: 20:38:10 08/24/2018  view: 10K+

Purchasing a house is one of the most important decisions a person will make. Many buyers are not satisfied with the traditional method of buying houses.It’s not uncommon to encounter scams, lawsuits and even spats with your spouse. EBuyHouse is here to alleviate all your real estate problems.

EBuyHouse plans to turn the real estate industry on its head with the innovative SFT trading method. Users only need to sign the site-provided contract and make a 5 percent down payment. Using this method allows buyers to rent a property for up to three months and pay 0.75 percent of the asking price as monthly rent. Think of it as a three-month test drive of your potential dream home before you purchase it.


Buyers can test a property before they buy it, helping them to better assess the pros and cons of the property and avoid the dreaded buyer’s remorse.

This trial living period is not only helpful when deciding whether or not to buy a house, but you’ll also save money. While other rental properties come with hefty monthly costs in addition to rent, such as utility bills and property management fees, such expenses are included in the monthly cost of the trial period, which is 0.75 percent of the price.

By trying the house, buyers may find hidden problems such as a leaky roof. Buyers can then negotiate a lower price, ensuring fair trade.

Homebuyers can also save money on the final price of the house. Because there are no agent commissions or hidden fees, sellers can price their homes more competitively.

The platform, title company and escrow company will help to manage the funds, record the process as well as handover the house, deed and title insurance.

Thanks to its safe and secure platform, standard contracts and expert technical support, you’re sure to find your dream house quickly and safely.