SFT Introduction

time: 20:47:41 08/24/2018  view: 10K+

SFT, or Safe Fast Trial, is a real estate transaction method created by EBuyHouse that allows prospective homebuyers to live in the house they are interested in purchasing for a three-month trial period.

  In the early days of motor vehicles, there was no such thing as a traffic signal. Motorists travelled the world’s roadways just as previous generations had traveled by horse. The problem with this quickly became apparent. Cars are faster than horses. Thus the traffic signal was invented, reducing accidents and allowing motorists to be more sure of their moves.

  The SFT method of real estate trading is like the humble traffic signal that forever changed transportation in the world. Our platform makes renting a house a safer, more assured process. By utilizing SFT, perspective homebuyers can save money and be more confident in their decision to buy. Additionally, buyers and sellers no longer need to rely on the costly, overrated services of an agent, affording them huge savings by eliminating commissions and fees.

  SFT is simple. Buyers and sellers follow are guided through the process of creating an account, uploading property information and signing the electronic contract. Everything from listing the property and showing the house to negotiating the price and signing the contract is all taken care of through the easy-to-use website and mobile app.

  The two- or three-month trial period, enables sellers to collect rent and buyers to find their absolute dream home. If a buyer decides not to purchase, he or she needs only to pay the rent. The deposit money will be refunded, and the buyer can begin the search for another property.