Save Thousands

time: 20:46:51 08/24/2018  view: 10K+

    Renting a house has never been so simple and convenient. Landlords are often worried that tenants may not pay their rent or damage the property. When you add in the legal and financial burdens associated with evicting a tenant, the prospect of renting a property can be a daunting one.

    At the same time, tenants often have to put up with high prices and plenty of rules. You can guarantee landlords show up to collect their rent every month, but the bad ones can never seem to be found when the property is in need of a repair.

    These issues plague today’s real estate market, but with the birth of EBuyHouse property rental system, such issues are a thing of the past. Our platform guarantees fair rental agreement and transparent rules that protect buyers and sellers.

1. EBuyHouse rental agreement follows standard procedures to protect rights of a lessor and lessee.

2. Tenants and landlords’ transactions, payments and repair history will be recorded and saved by the platform.

3. All transactions will be recorded by EBuyHouse. Bad landlords will no longer be able to lease a property, and bad tenants won’t be able to rent a property. EBuyHouse has a review system for both sides, protecting users. EBuyHouse users can read reviews and check every detail of a property.

4. Rental information of every property is tracked by the platform. Users can compare housing prices and be sure that prices listed on our platform will be transparent and fair.

5. EBuyHouse doesn’t charge referral fee and rental fees, which lowers the prices. From touring houses to signing contracts, moving in to moving out, every transaction is completed online.

6. EBuyHouse customer support team is ready to resolve the disputes that happen between tenant and landlord at any time.