Try Before You Buy

time: 22:41:32 09/10/2018  view: 10K+

   Sell houses save more money. Also collect rent.

   The days of real estate agents and their commission fees are over. Selling your house has never been easier thanks to EbuyHouse.

   EBuyHouse created a new platform and a new way to do business in the real estate industry--the Safe Fast Trial method (SFT)

   Not only does the seller avoid paying costly commissions, but the sale process is quicker and simpler. The seller will also benefit from the monthly rent, which is 0.75% of the asking price.

This innovative trading method allows buyers to live in the house for up to three months after making a 5 percent down payment. If the buyer likes the house and decides to purchase, he or she will be reimbursed for one month’s rent. If the buyer does not want to purchase the house, he or she simply needs to pay the remaining rent, terminate the contract and return the house back to seller. The buyer will then be refunded the down payment within five days if there are no damages to the property. We’ve taken the guesswork out of home buying and saved you thousands of dollars in the process.